ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Submit a piece of 2-D art work or an essay, poem or letter of no more than 250 words in response to the selected quote.  Handwritten or typed essays will be
accepted. Artwork may be any medium but no larger than 8.5 X 11 inches.  On the back of each entry please include the student’s full name, grade, school, home address and home telephone number.

To enter you must be a student in preschool-12th grade in Western Montana. Entries are due no later than December 22, 2017 to the Missoulian. Winners will receive a cash prize, be
featured in the Missoulian, and recognized at the MLK Community Celebration on Monday, January 15, 2018.

SUBMIT to: MLK Contest, Missoulian,
P.O. Box 8029,  Missoula, MT 59807 
We are not responsible for lost entries and entries will not
be  returned to students unless  arrangements are made.

QUESTIONS:  Contact Jamar Galbreath
at 406-541-6891 or jamar@empowermt.org