MLK Read for Peace

A collaborative event between the Montana Campus Compact and Montana communities, MLK Read for Peace provides college student volunteers, community members and National Service participants the opportunity to spread the message of Dr. King for elementary school students throughout our state. In 2017, 11 Montana communities participated in Read for Peace and we reached over 4,000 students statewide!

MLK Read for Peace is a statewide service project that places volunteers in kindergarten through fifth-grade classrooms to read students age-appropriate books about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as lead them through an activity about peace and equality.

This year, MLK Read for Peace is offering three incredible opportunities over two days for youth to engage in reflection of Dr. King’s life and legacy. Reading times are Friday January 12th and Monday January 15th.

  1. I Have a Dream Drawings – a free-form art activity where students will draw their dream for a better world. The activity will begin with a short introduction to MLK’s I Have a Dream speech, informing students that MLK dreamed of a better world where all people got along and were treated as equals. Students will then be given a blank sheet of paper and 10 minutes to draw their dream of a better world. Through this activity youth are given the chance to think about the world in which they live and the role equality plays in quality of life.
  2. Peace Poems – a structured writing activity where students will write a poem about what peace is to them. They will be given a poem worksheet to use where they insert their own words to finish phrases such as “Peace is like a _________”, but may choose to write a free-form poem if they wish. Students will have 10 minutes to write their poems, followed by an opportunity to present their poem to their peers. Through this activity youth are given a creative outlet to express their ideas and are able to reflect on the teachings of MLK and what it means to truly have peace.

3.Inequality through Coloring – an interactive injustice simulation where students           will experience inequality first-hand in a safe, controlled environment. Students are        given a picture of MLK to color. Some students are given an array of colored crayons,        while others are given just one black crayon. They are instructed not to share                     crayons and are given 10 minutes to color, followed by an opportunity to present               their artwork to their peers. The activity concludes with a class conversation on                fairness and inequality. Through this activity youth are able to feel the frustrations on      injustice on a personal level and develop awareness and empathy.

If you are interested in volunteering as a reader. Please contact Alysa Kelly, Or call 406-243-2379 for more information.